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What Colleagues and Clients are saying

Dear Katherine,
I am writing to say thank you for helping me with my performing anxiety. As a vocal performance major at UCI, I am expected to be comfortable singing in front of others whether it is in class, in a voice lesson, or in front of an audience. I have been singing all my life and always loved an audience, until health problems affected my voice. Singing at times was painful, and I often had a sore throat and chronic cough. Even worse, side effects from the medication affected the quality of my tone. I made the difficult decision to eliminate the medication and although the quality of my voice improved, I was left with anxiety about performing. I was worried that without the medication I would forget the words and I was worried that my voice had been permanently damaged and that my dreams for my education and career were futile. Even though I was only 20, I had been struggling with the problem for years. I had seen specialists of all kinds and you were my last hope.

I experienced immediate relief following my first hypnotherapy session with you. As I remember, I saw you on a Friday and performed in class on Monday, without any symptoms of anxiety. At the end of the quarter, I received an A in vocal performance and all "excellents" for my jury recital. One professor wrote "Beautiful coloratura. Your body seemed relaxed and your breathing easy. I loved it all."

Without your help through hypnotherapy, I would not be pursuing my major. Thank you for giving me back my dream! I look forward to continuing to work with you to improve my concentration and memory.

A. B.


As I begin the New Year of 2005 and reflect on the highlights of 2004, I would like to take this opportunity to send my deep heart felt appreciation to you for the wonderful Orange County hypnotherapy sessions that I had with you.

To say that the sessions made a profound change in me would be an understatement. Not only have I lost 2 dress sizes in 2 months as a result of the sessions, but I have managed to maintain my weight loss over these last 3 months. I was a little concerned as the Holiday season was approaching. But to my amazement, I had no problem passing up the treats that would have been my downfall in the past. I no longer crave the sweet or salty treats as I did in the past, for that, my liver and gall bladder are grateful. The new tapes you instilled into my sub-consciousness have proven to be my saving grace, not only is my weight no longer an issue, but my self-esteem concerns have vanished as well. The self-doubts of the past no longer haunt me. Now I innately know what to do when faced with an issue and believe in my decisions. It surprises me how many people comment on how self-assured I am.

One of the most surprising results of Orange County hypnotherapy sessions I have received is how easy it is for me to slip into a deep state of relaxation. By using the breathing and visualization techniques you taught me, I no longer struggle to fall asleep at night. I now sleep through the night and am very well rested when I wake in the morning, ready to take on the day.

But above all, the biggest benefit I received from our sessions was the opportunity to meet and get to know you. Katherine, I truly enjoyed the time we spent together during my hypnotherapy sessions. I truly felt comfortable and safe during the sessions, which I feel, made me completely open to the hypnotherapy. You are such a loving and caring lady and it is a pleasure to know you. I can't stop telling my friends how wonderful my sessions with you were.

As soon as I get my 2005 calendar together, I will call you to schedule regular "tune up" sessions, as I now view the sessions as part of my healthy preventive maintenance program.

Here's wishing you a happy and prosperous 2005.

Donna Thompson

The service and attention I received at the Orange County Achieve Health Center was unparalleled. I greatly appreciated the professionalism and care that I experienced and would highly recommend the holistic health center to everyone that I know. Thank you to the dedicated staff and especially to Katherine Agranovich for all the care and support.
- Your loyal and satisfied client,
Natalya Gomelsky

“I came in to see Dr. Agranovich because I was diagnosed with diabetes and I was resentful and depressed. After a few sessions, the turning point for me was when Dr. Agranovich asked me, what was the opposite of illness? I realized it was wellness and from that point on, we began focusing on me being well. I enjoy our sessions because Dr. Agranovich provides me with a different ways to think and approach health. And now, as my body is resolving the imbalance, I know it was never about the diabetes, but about me knowing my wellbeing.”
Cynthia K.

I worked with Dr. Agranovich for four years, sharing many mutual patients. From listening to the positive feedback from her patients, I began to understand the magnitude of her care and effectiveness of her skills as a hypnotherapist. I saw her patients who were able to naturally overcome their anxiety, stress, and fears, those who quit their nicotine or alcohol addiction, others who reduced their high blood pressure, and many who felt a sense of calm and well-being under her care.

Dr. Agranovich has a lovely balance of intelligence, focus, and strong work ethic with heart-felt, genuine care, kindness, and presence for her patients. In line with her vision, Dr. Agranovich will continue to inspire, educate, and support her patients and her community to achieve optimal health naturally.
Suzanne Tang, N.D., L.Ac.

“A friend of mine had encouraged me to see Dr. Agranovich because she had helped her quit smoking and lose weight. As a medical scientist, I was skeptical and negative, but wanted to overcome my chronic skin problems and IBS.

After a first session I became convinced that Dr. Agranovich was a talented and gifted healer and could pin point exactly what was disturbing my equilibrium. She has the amazing ability to hone her ability and exude positivity and knowledge, which always puts me at ease as soon as I walked into her office. I am very grateful that I ventured out and tried something new, because I was fortunate enough to meet a talented hypnotherapist who successfully helped me find peace and calm.”
Susan W.

My name is Tonja Lohnnan. I started seeing Katherine in 2004.1 first came to we her because of a tremendous fear of flying and I was about ready to take a trip to Sri Lanka. Every time I would fly I would have severe symptoms (anxiety, sleeplessness, diarrhea, etc.) weeks before the trip and of course while on the airplane.

The sessions I had with Katherine made a big difference. The weeks of symptoms shortened from weeks to days and days to hours. Then our sessions seemed to be less about flying and more about just dealing with life. I noticed that I felt so much more confident on an everyday basis. I was able to look at things with a healthy perspective and not engage. There was a sense of detachment. It opened me up to a world where I no longer felt controlled by my emotions.

Katherine's knowledge of hypnotherapy is extensive. She has the ability to talk someone through the journey in a comforting and caring way. She has an uncanny ability to focus in on the root of the issue and bring it to the surface to better diminish its effects on a person's daily lifestyle
Tonja Lohnnan

My name is Sally Cemie, Ph.d, Owner/Director of Valley Hypnosis Center and Cemie Institute.
My friend and student; Katherine Agranovich, Ph.d started studying at my Center in 1994. She completed a course in "Professional Hypnosis" and continued with the advanced Alchemical Hypnotherapy'.

Katherine and I became friends due to our mutual interest in learning about human nature and searching for answers as to the “how" and "why" we humans block our creativity and our potential to achieve.

Katherine's interest in nutrition propelled her to continue her education as a nutrition specialist among many other interests.

I hold Katherine in high esteem. She is a very competent person with high ideals with the motivation and energy to pursue her goals to completion. She is a very spiritual individual with a heart of gold.

Sally Cemie Ph.d

“I began getting night terrors with outbreaks of aggression and sleep walking and I couldn’t find help anywhere. Multiple doctors offered pills, but I didn’t want the side effects. So the problem persisted I began dreading going to sleep every night. I finally did two sessions of hypnosis and Reconnective healing and they transformed everything. Walking out of my second session, I was more relaxed and confident than I had been and for the first time in months I was excited to get some sleep. I was cured of my night terrors, and through hypnosis I discovered that my brain had the ability to overcome this problem itself.”
Aryeh K.

Certified IMDHA Hypnotherapist

Board Certified in Integrative Health

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