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How Holistic Healing occurs

Regardless of our background, language, religion or views on spirituality, we all share the same fundamental make-up -- we are all Human Beings.

The “Being” is at our core. Some people call it spirit, pure essence; others call it the Higher, Authentic Self or eternal light, or our Source. Regardless of how we refer to it, we are all born having It -- that inner spark, connecting us with something greater, wiser: the Absolute.

As we grow older, observing our environment, we form mental conclusions about life and about ourselves. Over the years, these mental beliefs form thick layers of human conditioning, wrapping around our Being, which is already perpetually well.

And so, the healing process begins – the journey of returning to your natural state of wellbeing by transforming malady-producing layers of thought into beliefs that bring forth healing.

In my philosophy, no matter what the issue (physical or psychological), there’s a mental-emotional root cause responsible for symptom manifestation.

Hypnotherapy promptly gets to the root of the unconscious beliefs that create the symptoms causing discomfort. It releases old thought forms, the lenses of perception in our subconscious mind, and replaces them with the new, desired, healthy reality that you want to experience in your life.

In this state of mental-spiritual alignment and unity, the most beneficial course of action becomes evident, and true healing – unique to each person – becomes possible.

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Simple process: How to reframe your negative mental beliefs into beliefs of wellbeing

Please know that any time you feel a negative emotion (anger, worry, jealousy, fear, loneliness, despair), you are responding to a self-created statement in your mind. Most common are: I can’t do it; It’s too much; It’s not fair; I don’t belong; I’m a bad person; I don’t deserve it; They don’t love me and don’t care - none of which are true. These statements were created unconsciously in your childhood, based on events you experienced.

We can’t always control what happens in our lives, but we are in complete control of what we say about it mentally.

The good news is, you are an adult now and can consciously choose a new belief that’s the opposite of the old one and resonates with you on a deep, intuitive level. And this new belief, practiced often, will create corresponding feelings, such as ease, joy, forgiveness, compassion, love and appreciation – a beneficial environment for thriving of any kind!

If it doesn’t make you feel lighter, hopeful, better, don’t believe it and state something else instead that does! Because you are worthy and matter!

A note: write down your newly-chosen beliefs and read them, connecting to the way they make you feel. Do this before going to sleep and right after you wake up in the morning (natural states of hypnosis). Speak, sing, think, imagine, feel them throughout the day. Play the game of pretending as if it has already happened, and you are the living manifestation of your beliefs. Because your subconscious mind accepts everything you imagine and feel, do this often – it’s an easy way to develop the habit of being happy and well, one thought at a time.

As human beings, we are meant to experience the duality of living: night and day, storm and sunshine, love and sorrow, joy and pain. But how long we choose to stay in an “Alaska” state of mind before returning to “Hawaii” is a matter of personal preference.

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