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Credentials & Certifications

As a certified hypnotherapist, Dr. Katherine Agranovich is a mental health professional who can help you take the first steps toward positive change. After beginning her health care career as a registered nurse, she shifted her focus toward holistic and integrative medicine. She has since earned a Ph.D. in natural health studies, along with accreditations in suicide prevention, reconnective healing, professional hypnosis, alchemical hypnotherapy, psychology of hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming.

Dr. Agranovich is a published author and has been a featured guest expert on many local and nationally syndicated TV and radio shows. In 2004, she established Achieve Health Center, Inc., in Newport Beach, where she helps people find peace and purpose.

What Does a Certified Hypnotherapist Do?

Hypnotherapy is a specialized branch of psychotherapy that uses the power of the unconscious mind to introduce behavioral changes. By inducing a relaxed, trance-like state, a hypnotherapist can help you tap into a place where you are more suggestible and less distracted by extraneous thoughts.

Have you ever been so focused on work or engrossed in a good book that you forget about everything else around you? This meditative “flow state” is similar to how you might feel while under clinical hypnosis. Despite their increased concentration, many people experience intense, pleasant feelings of calm.

Under hypnosis, you will attain a new state of concentration and relaxation. With your conscious mind quieted, you can access the parts of your brain where your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and memory originate. Then, you will be more open to suggestions that help you modify or replace negativity and unhelpful behavior. You’ll remain fully aware of your surroundings and remember everything that happened during a hypnosis session.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be a successful, all-natural treatment for health problems such as phobias, chronic pain, smoking and stroke recovery. It can also help people lose weight, improve their memories and gain self-confidence. A certified hypnotherapist can serve as a coach and counselor to make you more emotionally resilient. Hypnotherapy can also boost your immune system and strengthen your mind-body connection.

Certified IMDHA Hypnotherapist

The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association is the world’s largest organization dedicated to hypnotherapy in health care settings. To maintain membership, all members must graduate from an approved hypnotherapy program, complete specific educational requirements and earn 30 hours of continuing credit each year.

IMDHA members work closely with other health professionals to help people deal with specific medical challenges and procedures. For example, hypnosis can reduce the amount of stress a patient feels before going into surgery, which allows their body to focus more of its energy and attention toward healing.

Board-Certified in Integrative Health

Dr. Agranovich has also earned board certification in integrative health from the American Association of Integrative Medicine, which also includes disciplines like hypnotherapy, naturopathy, chiropractic care and acupuncture.

Integrative medicine is the concept that all people have innate healing abilities and can learn to connect with them to take charge of their well-being, aligning the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellness for optimal health.

What to Expect During Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a way to harness the vast untapped potential inside the human mind. During a clinical hypnotherapy session, a trained hypnotist will gently guide you into a profoundly relaxed, suggestible state with verbal cues, repetition and imagery. 

A certified hypnotherapist will begin each session by leading you through a series of exercises designed to relax you, such as controlled breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. Creative visualization – such as imagining yourself walking down stairs or sinking into a pool of water – can help you reach a point where you become highly impressionable. Then, a trained clinical hypnotist can suggest ways to attain your desired results before guiding you out of your hypnotic trance.

While it’s possible for anyone to enter a hypnotic trance, some people find it easier than others to slip into the receptive mindset. You may benefit from clinical hypnotherapy if you are open-minded, creative and highly motivated to overcome a challenge or obstacle in your life. To book a session or learn more about the benefits of working with a highly trained and certified hypnotherapist, contact us today

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Certified IMDHA Hypnotherapist

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