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The Art of Hypnosis

The Art of Hypnosis is a form of active meditation where the conscious and unconscious meet. Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility, indicated by alpha-theta brain wave activity, that expands your awareness to receive positive instructions for improvement in every area of life. During this state, the conscious, or intellectual, mind enters a state of abeyance and allows the subconscious mind to receive direct outside stimuli, without resistance from mental processes. It’s like replacing a computer’s old software, and you now have the opportunity to release old thought forms, their associated patterns of behavior and energetic imprints, allowing a new, healthy reality to substitute for past programming.

Because hypnosis is a natural state of mind, it’s in the realm of everyone's capability. Physiologically, hypnosis stimulates the limbic system, the region of the brain linked to emotion and involuntary responses such as adrenal spurts, heartbeat, digestion and blood pressure, initiating a state of calmness, acceptance and peace—fertile ground for healing of any kind.

My goal is to meet each client’s individual needs, from stress relief and weight loss, cessation of smoking and self-sabotage, to aligning one’s mind to assist in whole-person healing.

My specialties are:

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